Incidental Iconoclast Instrument of the Neglected Indelible Zeitgeist

Sub-cultural Insurrection Creation






I am a hip-hop kid that grew up free styling in street ciphers.  From there I went to rocking mics at parties with DJs, and then finally to performing original tracks at venues.  Yes, there is a bit more to it than that, but lets keep it moving for now.


I believe music is one of mankind’s greatest gifts.  I believe music should be inspirational, uplifting, and entertaining.  I believe an artist should capture the essence of emotion in every sentence they write.  Then put their notebook in a time capsule.  When it is revisited, if it still evokes emotion, then record it.


I am a very patient individual.  I sacrificed and waited until the timing was right when I could be completely independent as an artist.  Everything I do is created out of love from inspiration.   This is what I present to you.  I call it a movement because I see the majority of artist in the game right now lack integrity and respect for their craft.  I represent those who wish to move away from that.  I call myself Vision because that is what separates me from the pack.  I see what others miss, choose to overlook, or simply don’t even know that the possibility of said things exists.


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