13 Tracks

The creation of 13 Tracks was a real life “Shining” event, except there was plenty of booze and the ghost were a little friendlier.  Stephen King would have been proud.   My life stood at the edge of a winter full of discontent and despair.  I was fed up with the path I seemed to be stuck on.  My destiny was shouting in my face, “STOP WASTING TIME”.  So I packed up and headed to a place where I could set up a studio free of distractions.  A place where once the first snow of the season hit, I knew I would be locked in.  I abandoned the warmth of the south and headed north for the arctic tundra just below Canada.


There I was, cut off from the outside world.  Isolated by 10-foot snowdrifts and temperatures that would chill even death to the bone.  It was perfect.  A place where the insanity of pure creation could run rampant until it had exhausted itself.  But only after it had completely saturated the fabric of that time and place.  Leaving crystallized gems of madness frozen in the subzero setting.  As I witnessed this marvelous chaos I was overwhelmed with gratitude that I could share in the exquisite malice of natures pitiless destruction, knowing that it would give way to new existence.  The trip of the overcharged opus ensued until absolute exhaustion eclipsed the apex and complete darkness flooded in.


I woke up and dug myself out of the rubble.  Then I sifted through the jewels of mania until I found a collection of malleable shards that I could piece together into a luminescent kaleidoscope of jagged euphoria.  A spectacle forged within the inferno of an artist’s compulsion.  Just in time as the snow melted away, the booze ran dry, and the ghost became angry.  I give to you as it was given to me- Vision’s debut album: “13 Tracks”.